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Cycles of a storm

While this was a simply a technical test to see how well a time-lapse rig would do during a thunderstorm, it does show just how violent and unpredictable such weather can be over a five hour span of shooting in extreme weather. I was lucky enough to have the building overhang protect the lens from the elements, but it demonstrated just how important a good vantage point and proper protection of the optics will be for a real shoot at a remote location.

  • Moonrise blends through misty clouds

    As a commercial photographer, I'm always doing tests to prepare for future shoots. This was just an exposure sequence test to see how the moon would look with different camera settings.

    Discovering timelapse, compressing time - 1999

    Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to make my photos move. Early on, it was just a daunting dream really, since it would have required access to a true motion picture film camera, and a lab that could both process it and digitize it. But the digital…

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Often, I find it helpful to simply get out of the car or off the scooter, and just walk about – often for blocks, sometimes for miles. I always find it refreshing to discover a new perspective of a subject by simply spending some time walking around... Read more

Looking for dynamic abstracts in the financial district

Sometimes I don't have much time to explore or study a subject, so I simply go out and look for photos I can make of what I see in passing by. While I was shooting new timelapse tests in the San Francisco bay area, I took a break one afternoon and… Read more

Secret scenes of a silent city

Secret scenes in a secret world – that’s how Rockford has always felt to me. I’ve been a hopeless romantic about downtown Rockford for as long as I’ve lived here – ten thousand days. The romance has always been an alluring, yet elusive feeling that... Read more