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Discovering timelapse, compressing time - 1999

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to make my photos move. Early on, it was just a daunting dream really, since it would have required access to a true motion picture film camera, and a lab that could both process it and digitize it. But the digital age really changed all of that. While I had a great 35mm still film camera setup all throughout the 90s, I knew the writing was on the wall when Kodak announced their DCS (Digital Camera Science) SLR cameras in the mid-90s. But, luckily I got my hands on a more affordable Kodak DC260 that had a timelapse feature built into it. So, one day while Stefan and I were on our photo adventure to Iceland I was watching the amazing clouds gliding by this Icelandic dale in the North, I decided to try out the feature. There are lots and lots of things wrong with this first timelapse movie, and many more technical hurdles I had to overcome in the intervening years before I'd try it again, but I can honestly say this is where it all started for me. Have a look:

  • Cycles of a storm

    While this was a simply a technical test to see how well a time-lapse rig would do during a thunderstorm, it does show just how violent and unpredictable such weather can be over a five hour span of shooting in extreme weather. I was lucky enough to have…

    Initial 2-axis motion rig test

    Port of Oakland - Ships passing cranes at night. Medium panning shot, assembled as a 24fps timelapse by QuickTime Pro 7, no further post processing. Using my DynamicPerception Stage Zero motion rig with a new Stage-R rotary block, I was able to…

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Looking for dynamic abstracts in the financial district

Sometimes I don't have much time to explore or study a subject, so I simply go out and look for photos I can make of what I see in passing by. While I was shooting new timelapse tests in the San Francisco bay area, I took a break one afternoon and… Read more

Secret scenes of a silent city

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