I produce dynamic imagery for clients in the fields of architecture, industry, energy & infrastructure. I have a keen eye for architecture & interiors, and a love for dusk, dawn & night shoots. I'm always looking for dynamic new takes of the built world for ad agencies, design firms, and editorial publications.  

I founded my studio as a reflection of my passion for deep, dramatic, cinematic imagery. My career was born on the cusp between the analog & digital ages, and I've always held the conviction that using digital tools & delivery would serve as the ultimate expression of what still photography could do in a world of noise. In an age where the mantra is often “image is everything”, I feel that a single, strong image can be the one thing.

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If you would like to contact me for more information about the work here, or for the projects you're planning, I can be reached at the studio by more traditional means as well:

hans rupert
317 mulberry street
rockford, illinois
on twitter: Hans Rupert