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Sunset Clouds – First Blush

A series of short test clips with the motion rig to see if we can get the beast to move smoothly.

# clouds  # dusk  # glow  #sunsets

First Timelapse Ever - Iceland 1999

This was my first ever attempt at a timelapse movie. I used the built-in timelapse feature of my little 1.5 megapixel Kodak DC260 camera, and captured one frame per minute for about half an hour. Things have come a long, long way since 1999.

# clouds  # iceland  # weather  #timelapse

Storm Brewing Cloud Blends

A short sequence in anticipation of a storm brewing in the hot summer sky — depicting just how rapidly weather can become ominous and foreboding.

# clouds  # ominous  # skies  # timelapse  #weather

Moon Blends Through Misty Clouds

Not everything we do as commercial photographers is actually thrilling or stunning. Sometimes, we just have to do simple things like this tripod stabilization and exposure sequence testing of the moon rising through the misty clouds to see how a sequence will look. As you can see from the results, there is no "right" exposure for anything – it's always about the intended look we want to achieve in the final imagery.

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